Friday, 10 February 2017

Rescued from Ruin

I am pleased to say that stitching the over zealously trimmed tapestry to a larger piece of canvas worked!

I found some lovely heather-toned wool in my stash and used it to make another brooch

but I like this one so much, I might just keep it for myself!

So, here is the full collection. Can you tell that I really enjoy making these :)

I raided my charm and bead boxes too, and made a couple more Kilt Pin brooches for the sale table too. 

I am hoping the stork scissors charm from Nicole de Bruin on this Pin will appeal to embroiderers at the sale,

and maybe the sewing machine charm on this pin will catch the eye of a quilter!

Discovering a length of tartan ribbon in my stash was the excuse for this Celtic Kilt Pin.

I won't find out until after the event whether the brooches and pins sell, as the sale is on at the same time as a Six Nations international rugby match at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, and as regular readers will have guessed that is where I will be! Scotland will be playing against Italy so there will be lots of these around

and maybe some gladiators too. I shall try to take a photo for the blog if there are :)

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Checking In

It is time to make the first check in for the 100 Day Challenge

My three projects for the challenge were to

  1. Master the shiny new serger sitting in my sewing room
  2. Try out the New to Me technique of Boutis
  3. Finish the long overdue Craftsy BOM quilt top

So, have I made any progress?

Well, a little

 I have managed to thread the beast and changed the blade width to resolve a tension problem, so it is not looking quite as scary as before. Next up, finding out how to navigate corners with those lethal blades around!

Rather than use a pattern from  The Art of Boutis I have decided to use a Celtic Knot pattern, which I think will lend itself to the technique. As you can see the pattern is traced and ready to be stitched. I was originally going to use ordinary stranded cotton for the quilt stitching but have ordered the DMC Coton a Broder recommended in The Art of Boutis instead, so once it arrives in the next day or so I can get cracking on that.

I have made absolutely no progress on the Craftsy BOM, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone !

Hopefully at the next check-in 60 days in I will have lots of progress to report.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Who knew? Not me!

I have been watching my Serger Craftsy Class and it is turning out to be a fount of all sorts of useful information on all things serger!

I nearly threw away these plastic caps that look like mini sandcastle buckets that were sitting on the spool holder when I unpacked the serger.

Turns out they are meant to sit inside the thread spools to hold them on. The first lot of thread that I bought to use on the serger were not big enough to fit over these, even although they were sold for use on the overlocker. So, when I received these bigger spools I would have been really flummoxed without the class if I had thrown out the caps.

In my defence they didn't rate a mention in the manual, so it wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that they were only there for the packing. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it :)

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